About Us

Founded in 2015, Charterhouse Clinic offers private mental healthcare services, meeting the needs of clients looking for success, professionalism and peace of mind when it comes to their recovery.

We offer prestigious treatment facilities in both central London and the Northamptonshire countryside, providing guests with both privacy and the highest quality care and accommodation.

Our team of qualified clinical professionals provides each of our clients with a bespoke programme, tailored to ensure they receive the most beneficial forms of therapeutic care. We understand that every mental and behavioural health story is unique, which is why we treat each case individually — our clients receive private one-to-one therapies designed specifically for their needs.

As one of the UK’s most serene, private mental health and rehabilitation clinics, we pride ourselves on our ability to host a wide range of wellness activities that complement our clinical-based treatments. These activities include yoga and tai chi, which help our clients to find wholeness and allow them to learn skills that can benefit them for life.

Charterhouse Clinic puts its clients at the heart of our service. Delivering world-class behavioural therapy is integral to each of the bespoke services that our team provides to clients.

Through a unique mix of daily well-being activities, plush private accommodation and tailor-made treatment plans from our resident psychiatrist, Dr. Jasdev Grewal, we aim to lead the way in new forms of mental health treatment programmes, which help our clients to develop independence in recovery.

Over the years, the Charterhouse approach to wellness and recovery has been successful in treating many individuals with a wide range of behavioural issues, addictions and dependencies. Our clients know they can trust our experience, attention to detail and our absolute respect for their privacy and dignity.

What our Clients Say

“Staff are understanding, supportive, friendly and are what make the place.

I came in broken and was loved until I could love myself. Truly grateful for all the love and support I received, even when I was difficult, angry and, at times, rather needy — you helped me get to where I am today, thank you.”


Kerry B.

“It’s like being offered a gourmet fillet steak for the price of chips.

High-class treatment facility at affordable prices.”


Nicholas C.

“Over 15 years of heavy chronic cocaine use. Charterhouse Clinic saves lives. I’ve been to all the best rehabs in the world, but Charterhouse Clinic tops them all.”


Franco F.

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