Peter Paul

Chief Executive

As Chief Executive of Charterhouse Clinic, Peter Paul brings with him a wealth of experience in helping those on the road to addiction recovery overcome their addictive behaviour. With a Masters of Science in Addictive Behaviours, Paul’s 13 years of experience as a consultant in addiction therapy has seen him head up some of the most established rehabilitation centres in the UK.

Having written a wealth of programmes for addiction therapy, Peter’s experience has equipped him with an unmatched knowledge of private rehab clinic development. This experience has also seen him launch and facilitate a number of evidence-based group work programmes for nationwide rehabilitation centres.

At Charterhouse, our commitment to developing outstanding, bespoke programmes for each of our clients allows us to bring to life our ethos that no two addictions or clients are the same. Every client is unique in their recovery needs and Peter’s world-class experience allows us to individually tailor each client’s programme for the best chance of success.

Peter’s career has seen him work with a broad range of compulsive behaviours that often lead to addictions, such as eating disorders, depression and drug and alcohol abuse. His thorough understanding of the causes and effects of these behaviours is exemplary and allows him to work with clients to address those negative behaviours.

Outside of his work in the addiction field, Peter has also developed programmes and workshops for schools, where the inclusion of young people, parents and teachers was a key focus. Through this work, Peter was able to provide schools with a deeper understanding of the physical, psychological and legal impact of drugs, alcohol and eating disorders.

His constant desire to deliver the right solutions through addiction therapies brings him to Charterhouse with a renewed energy to develop the very best programmes for our clients, a quality that our staff, partners and clients alike admire.

What Our Clients Say

Staff are understanding supportive, friendly and are what make the place.
I came in broken, and was loved until I could love myself. Truly grateful for all the love and support I received even when I was difficult, angry and at times rather needy - you helped me get to where I am today, thank you.
A beautiful and special place
Kerry B.
It's like being offered a gourmet fillet steak for the price of chips.
High class treatment facility at affordable prices.
Love it. Love it. Love it
Nicholas C.
Over 15 years of heavy chronic cocaine use. Charterhouse Clinic saves lives. I've been to all the best rehabs in the world but Charterhouse Clinic tops them all.
The BEST of the best
Franco F.
Peaceful + Well balanced facility + Personal commitment = Recovery.
Love it
Katrina D.