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Correctly Treating Addictions Means Healthier Patients

Despite the hard work of many medical professionals, a significant number of patients are stuck with chronic ill health and other major difficulties due to their inability to change lifestyle patterns. The ability to identify and end addictions, in their many forms, is often key in helping those patients to create the changes they so desperately need. Finding the right specialist care for those needing professional support while ending their addictions is an essential step in truly helping many patients to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Addictions are a sadly predictable result when people aren’t able to process life’s difficult experiences. Without the skills needed to adapt, learn and heal – many resort to repeating patterns of behaviour that ultimately do more harm than good. While we typically think of addictions as including drugs and alcohol, it is important to understand that a wide variety of other forms also exist – including addictions to pornography, infidelity, shopping, gambling and computer games.

We at Charterhouse Clinic have combined the perfect setting for private, residential addiction treatment with a highly experienced and qualified team of therapists – resulting in what might be the most comfortable possible way to end all kinds of addictions safely.

During our years of experience we have successfully helped patients from a wide variety of backgrounds to end their addictions, heal their minds, improve their health and to enjoy life more – saving lives in the process.

“It is very common for people to experience problems with their mental health and alcohol or drug use at the same time and research published by the American Psychological Association shows that people with these co-occurring conditions have a greater risk of other health problems and early death.“

Source – UK Government

We understand that every patient has real needs that are uniquely their own and our team is ready to ensure that we meet those needs reliably and in ways that exceed expectations. Aside from providing top class healthcare and addiction therapy, we do our best to make sure that business isn’t interrupted for our professional patients and that families are involved in the healing process as much as possible. We know from experience that when stress levels are lowered, the process of making lasting personal changes and ending addictions is significantly easier.

Successfully completing one of our holistic addiction therapy programs means a dramatic improvement in the chances of ending addictions forever and therefore a hugely improved outlook for the patient’s health, wellbeing and longevity into their future.

What are addictions?

Addictions are the habit patterns that we are attached to, but which we continue even when we know they are causing us harm – they bring us short term relief from our pain and problems but can never really help us in the longer term. When we lack the understanding and time needed to get to the root cause of our challenges, we often opt for the next best thing – which to us is often whatever helps us to feel better in the short term.

Ending addictions can be tough, especially with the added stress of being in an unsupportive environment or difficulty in keeping the healing process private. We specialise in providing supportive, discrete healthcare that is both effective and is so comfortable that some of our patients say that they don’t want to leave us!

Less addictions means a healthier, happier and more productive society

The destructive results of addictions extend beyond the individuals directly involved and can cost society in numerous ways. The costs of health issues caused by long term addiction, family support of those involved and for victims of addiction related crime – plus the cost to business – all mount up to billions lost every year.

Managing healthcare budgets is a tough job and by tackling addictions directly, we are also significantly reducing the burden on healthcare spending across the board. Opioids addictions, plus addictions to alcohol and other drugs each bring their own unique challenges and each cost society dearly in numerous ways.

“Estimates of the direct costs to the NHS in the UK stood at £3 billion for conditions attributable to alcohol consumption in 2005/06, equivalent to 3.2% of the total health care costs.”
Source: Safety and Health Practitioner

The benefits of patients receiving effective addiction therapy is huge in both financial and human terms – with less long term drain on healthcare budgets meaning a cumulative increase in the ability of healthcare services to meet their broader objectives.

Complete addiction treatment, including medical detoxification

Our professional team of addiction therapists and medically trained professionals put together bespoke treatment programs for each of our patients and help them through their recovery process from beginning to end. We make sure to meet the real needs of each patient, including providing a fully monitored medical detoxification process when needed. If you or your patients are suffering due to addiction, we are ready and waiting to provide the care needed to produce a full recovery.

When needed, we are able to accept emergency admissions of patients suffering for alcoholism and drug addiction at our residential clinic and can also provide sober transportation when needed. Once our team has assessed the needs of new patients, we move quickly to ensure they are stabilised and supported as they adapt to their new environment.

Treatment programs typically include one-to-one Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help patients to realise the underlying causes of addictive patterns and to adopt methods of altering behaviour patterns to minimise cravings and prevent future relapse. Group therapy can often also be helpful and can provide a needed sense of community so that individuals do not feel alone or stigmatised.

Our beautiful residential care facility in Northamptonshire, UK, allows us to provide round the clock monitoring for those who need it and the welcoming atmosphere of a country retreat that everyone will appreciate. Privacy and discretion are built in to our clinic’s DNA – so you can rest assured that our services will remain confidential at all times.

All food is included for our residential patients and diet plans are arranged between the patient, our chef and our care team – ensuring nutritional needs are met and that patients feel empowered to guide their own recovery.

Our facilities include a gym, swimming pool, sauna and charming natural grounds – which offer perfect spaces to make use of our various health therapies including yoga classes, tai chi and massage therapy – designed to lower stress and increase wellbeing in profound ways.

Luxury Detox and Treatment Locations

Detox in Private or Join Us for Sessions

Every person’s rehabilitation and journey to recovery is different, which is why it’s crucial to find a rehab clinic and environment that suits your needs. At Charterhouse, we cater for those who prefer a residential recovery, as well as for those who prefer to remain outpatients and take part in our community rehabilitation programme.

Charterhouse Clinic Flore (Residential)

Charterhouse Clinic Flore is a luxury residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic, situated in a breathtaking part of rural Northamptonshire. Our behavioural health and wellbeing centre provides expert treatment in a restful, tranquil setting.

The perfect combination of five-star accommodation and clinical excellence, Charterhouse Clinic Flore offers a home-away-from-home environment, with luxury amenities, a range of beneficial treatments, and the ongoing advice and support of our highly-professional team.

We are dedicated to providing our guests with personalised treatment plans, and believe that it’s essential for every guest to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible during their stay with us.

If you’re looking for rehab retreats in the UK, Charterhouse Flore Clinic is the number one choice for luxury, treatment, and tranquillity.


Are you interested in finding out more about our luxury residential drug and alcohol treatment programmes, set in the heart of the UK? Get in touch with us today to request a free, no-obligation consultation and discuss your treatment needs, or those of a loved one, privately.

Premier Outpatients Clinic – Central London

Charterhouse Clinic’s Outpatient Programme is a rehab and detox clinic in London, designed to cater for patients who prefer a community setting to a residential treatment programme.

Our outpatients programme offers every benefit of our intensive, residential rehabilitation programme, but does so within a community setting, so that patients can be treated while remaining in a familiar environment.

Community rehabilitation prepares patients for support groups and structures in their local areas. This helps to ensure that their recovery goes smoothly, by creating a new idea of what they consider to be “normal”, and offering alternatives to social media, which is commonly problematic for those who are recovering from drug or alcohol misuse.


Are you looking for a rehab clinic in London that provides treatment in a comfortable, familiar setting? We can help! Get in touch today to request a free, no-obligation consultation, and discuss your treatment needs, or those of a loved one.

As Featured in The UK Parliamentary Review

Our commitment to providing our clients the best in private rehab care has seen us featured in the highly-regarded Parliamentary Review magazine, where we were celebrated as working to a high-standard and providing clinical excellence within five-star accommodation.

From an indoor heated swimming pool to personalised cuisine, our aim is to equip our clients with a sense of empowerment and relaxation, while making the journey to addiction recovery one that is as comfortable as possible.

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