What Makes a Luxury Rehab Centre?

Seeking treatment for an addiction is a big step to take and going through the rehabilitation process will be extremely difficult for any individual. Substance addicts will experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and potentially mental health issues. Plus, gambling, shopping, sex, and gaming addicts are likely to feel irritable, anxious and depressed as they begin recovery.

It is important that during the recovery journey, an individual has access to a certain level of comfort and feels safe and supported. A private luxury rehab centre can provide a peaceful environment for addiction recovery and the experienced staff to support the clients through every step of the process.

So, what makes a luxury rehab centre?

When a client feels like they are receiving the best care in a safe and relaxing space, they have extra peace of mind and confidence that the treatment will be successful. Many have a certain standard of living and want to ensure that this is maintained while they make the steps to recovery. So, what are the factors that make a rehabilitation centre luxurious?


From the very first enquiry about treatment, a client and their loved ones should be handled with dignity and respect. Any questions should be answered thoroughly to give the client and their family the confidence that they will be in safe hands during the recovery process.

A customer requiring a luxury addiction rehab clinic may be anywhere in the world, in any circumstances. Part of the admissions process is ensuring appropriate transport, with the appropriate discretion is delivered. Then upon arrival a client has all that is needed to help aid recovery, already in place.

Experienced and Supportive Staff

When it comes to treatment, it should never be a ‘one size fits all approach’. Every patient is unique. A luxury rehab centre will tailor treatment plans and services to each patient’s individual needs. Clients will receive one-to-one therapies based on their unique needs, from a qualified addiction specialist. The client should always be at the heart of the service. The addiction professionals working in luxury addiction rehabilitation are experienced at working with people from all areas of society.

Quality Accommodation

In a luxury rehab centre, residential patients should have a private and comfortable space, where they can reflect on treatment and relax. It is the little touches like tasteful decoration, quality soft furnishings and bedding will create an inviting space that is also practical.

Beautiful grounds where patients can connect with nature, enjoy peaceful walks, and enjoy idyllic views will certainly be beneficial to the healing process. Improving mental well-being plays a role in recovery and immersing oneself in the great outdoors can really help in that respect.

Varied Facilities and Activities

Exercise and nutrition also play a crucial role in rehabilitation, so a wide range of facilities will prove extremely useful for residential patients. The opportunity to exercise in an equipped gym or swimming pool helps clients to build fitness, self-esteem, and a more positive body image, which can help with a lasting recovery from addiction. Through exercise, patients will also experience a boost in endorphins that will also boost mood and sense of well-being.

Opportunities to relax will also aid patients in their addiction recovery. The likes of Yoga and meditation are excellent ways to learn how to relax and connect with emotions. These cathartic activities are not only good for reducing blood pressure, stress, and the symptoms of depression, but also for patients to connect with themselves.

Choose the Charterhouse Clinic

A serene private rehab centre, Charterhouse clinic is located in the beautiful surroundings of the countryside. With a focus on providing bespoke care for clients, luxurious surroundings, and comfortable accommodation, Charterhouse Clinic pride itself on providing clients with peace of mind and top-quality treatment.


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