Admissions – Get The Help You Need, With No Delays

Admission Process

We know that the more we help our patients understand the process of rehabilitation and the experience that they will have with us, the more their mind can be at peace and their fear responses can be eased too. It is common that when we leave our familiar environment and come to new surroundings that we will feel slightly restless, however, it is essential to understand that these feelings will pass as confidence in our rehabilitation process grows and as relationships are formed between new patients, our team and our existing patients.

Concern for your own wellbeing is entirely natural and is a sign that you care for yourself – which must surely be a good thing. Don’t forget that our expert team share that same concern for patients’ wellbeing and are absolutely ready to help them reach the best possible outcome. If you or a loved one has any questions regarding our facilities, treatments or anything at all relating to our care then do not hesitate to contact us to help us put your fears to rest. Most importantly, we urge you not to allow fear to stand between you and your own recovery.

Many of our patients arrive with us in emotionally and psychologically injured states – which may include confusion and disorientation. We are always ready to respond to new patients’ needs and are available constantly to ensure that they find their way and can find their own space in a way that feels good to them. Additionally, we are also always ready to offer help to family members to ensure that they too can find peace regarding their loved one’s time with us.

Initial experiences after admission to our facilities

Our friendly team intend that the atmosphere in our clinic is warm and accepting, without the feeling of criticism, blame or judgement that some may fear they will encounter. We will do everything in our power to help new patients understand their new surroundings and ensure things are kept as simple as possible for them.

New patients will quickly be seen by our Doctor or Psychiatrist in order to complete a through assessment of their medical, physical and emotional needs. Once it is deemed safe to do so, any new patients who have an alcohol or drug dependency will begin a medical detox regime.

The next step is to meet with the patient’s focal counsellor who will create a bespoke treatment plan based on the advice of the medical team and the patient’s own feedback and preferences. The treatment plan will change and evolve as the needs of each patient change will be regularly reviewed throughout the care and rehabilitation/detox processes.

New patients will be taken on a tour of our facilities where they will also meet our team and the other patients who are currently under our care. We arrange for our chef to speak with all new patients to ensure that their dietary needs are met from day one. Our time schedules and other relevant information will also be explained.

Our focus during the first few days after the arrival of a new patient is to ensure that they are adapting to their new environment comfortably and are at ease with everything that they are encountering with us.

Things new patients may need to bring with them

The following items are appropriate for residential patients to bring into our clinic:

  • Medications being usedprescribed or otherwise.
  • Medical/hospital appointment letters – if we find that existing appointments conflict with our treatment schedule, we can either organise for patients to attend their outside appointments (if urgent) or for the outside appointment to be postponed.
  • Money for personal expenses.
  • Toiletriesonly those that do not contain alcohol and that cannot be inhaled or misused are permitted.
  • Books and other reading materialsif desired.
  • Mobile phone – plus details of any external contacts that may need to be reached during the patient’s stay with us.
  • Comfortable and loose fitting clothing appropriate for the temperature of the time of year (including conservative nightwear).
  • Comfortable footwareincluding walking shoes and slippers.
  • Photographs – family and friends or other photos if desired.
  • Cigarettes or Tobaccoif desired.

If any items are forgotten it is no problem for family members to drop items off with us after arrival (or have them delivered by mail). Alternatively, we can arrange for patients to be taken to appropriate shops to pick up anything that is needed. It will be helpful for many patients to be given assistance when packing their bags before leaving to travel to our clinic to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

Note: Any items which we do not permit in our clinic (perhaps due to them presenting a safety risk) will be safely held by our team until the patient is discharged, at which point they will be returned.

Arranging travel

Patients who are unable to drive or take public transport, due to intoxication/mobility issues and who are unable to find someone to drive them can ask us to arrange sober transportation. Please let us know of any requirement for sober transport as soon as you are able to do so to ensure there is no delay in admission and treatment.

We do not require new patients to be sober

Most of our new patients arrive with us in a state of intoxication. Quickly stopping the use of alcohol or drugs can be dangerous where dependency is present. There is no need to be concerned about arriving in a non sober state and we have a great deal of experience in such cases.

Time needed for admission

Once they decide to undergo treatment, new patients can be admitted to our clinic immediately, provided a bed is available. Our patients complete their treatment and leave us regularly, so usually we can find space for patients who require urgent admission on the same day as their request is made.

Payment policy

Payment for our services can be made either in advance or on arrival. Paying in advance has the benefit that we are that we are then able to keep a bed reserved in advance of the new patient’s arrival, plus we can also book time with a doctor immediately.

Note: Payment in advance is required for patients who are arriving out of hours.

Payments can be made either by credit/debit card (by phone) or, if preferred, by cash on arrival. Payments made by bank transfer or cheque must clear before we can admit the patient and begin any treatment.

Our team are ready to answer any other questions you may have relating to admission. If you wish to book a place with us or discuss your options, feel free to call us any time.[

Urgent Admissions

If you or your loved one are at a crisis and need immediate inpatient help, we at Charterhouse Clinic have a dedicated admissions team on standby 24/7 to assist you.

We know that many who are suffering from addiction only choose to accept help when they feel they have no other choice. When such a “window of opportunity” is presented, it is important to act quickly to ensure the best outcome for all involved.

A common pattern among those who suffer with addictions is to cycle between periods of asking for help and return back to denial of their illness. Moving quickly, during the moments of clarity and when the seriousness of the situation is being understood, can make a significant difference in ensuring potentially life saving addiction treatment is accepted by those that need it most.

Please note that while we will always do our best to find space for urgent admissions, we cannot guarantee that we will have space available – please contact us to check the current availability of rooms for urgent admission.

Out of Hours Admissions

We are able to facilitate weekend and evening admissions for those that require immediate help. If we have a bed available we can admit new patients the same day and at busier times we aim to find space as quickly as possible.

Moments of crisis often result in additional stress for those involved and we are ready to help you through it all. Our team is fully trained and experienced in taking care of all the details involved and helping everyone find the peace they need.

We will always do what we can to facilitate out of hours admissions, but always cannot guarantee 100% that this service will be available – please call us for the most up to date information regarding any requirement for out of hours admissions.

Sober Transport

We can arrange sober transportation to our locations in both London and Northamptonshire as needed. Due to their state of ill health many individuals are not capable of driving or of using public transportation services and may also have difficulty arranging transport with a friend or family member. Sober transport is our solution to this problem and we can provide a specially trained driver to deliver patients safely to our clinic. Our drivers are friendly and professional to ensure your experience of our care is as stress free as possible, right from the start. If necessary they will help to ensure that the patient’s home is secured before the journey begins and can also assist with packing when it is requested.

You do not have to face preparing for admission to rehab alone, our sober companion drivers are ready to help. We are able to provide a door-to-door service from anywhere in the UK, including collection from airports, bus stations and train stations.

Cost of Sober Transport

Costs for our sober transport service is quoted on an individual basis and are relative to the distance that needs to be covered between the pickup location and our clinic.

You are welcome to telephone us and speak to a member of our team for more information and to receive a quote. We are sure you will find our prices to be reasonable and competitive when compared to other such sober transport services.