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  • ⦿ Specifically designed to integrate with patients who are unable access residential treatments due to their circumstances.
  • ⦿ Our team will help deliver actionable treatment plans around the commitments of everyday life.
  • ⦿ Whatever the reason you are unable to commit to residential treatment, we have plans to ensure you get the recovery you deserve.

Outpatient Rehabilitation in London

Charterhouse Clinic’s Outpatient Programme is designed for patients whose conditions and addictions do not necessarily warrant inpatient residential care. The outpatient programme works well for those with obligations and family responsibilities who need access to treatment while still living within their community and engaging in day-to-day activities.

The programme provides all the advantages of an intensive, residential rehabilitation programme, giving our patients the opportunity to come to terms with their addiction, while ensuring they experience little disruption to their usual routines.

The community rehabilitation experience helps patients to make use of the support groups and structures within their local communities and establishes new healthy social behaviours by offering alternatives to potentially damaging hobbies, such as excessive gaming or social media use. Charterhouse Clinic’s Outpatient Programme meets the needs of patients wherever they are in their rehabilitation journey and does not emphasise abstinence as the ultimate goal.

Flexible and Honest Care

The programme is structured to cause little to no interference to work, study or family life. Most sessions are delivered in the evenings from 6 pm – 9 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am – 3 pm. If this doesn’t suit your schedule, one-to-one sessions can be arranged outside of these times.

To get the full benefit of Charterhouse Clinic’s Outpatient Programme, we suggest patients participate in our four-week course. However, patients can opt for specific elements of the programme, depending on their need or availability.

Our programme is comprehensive and designed to accommodate the individual needs of our patients, whether this is controlled behaviours, maintenance and long-term stabilisation, detoxification, or abstinence. These needs are met using medical, as well as psychosocial, interventions.

Therapy for Total Wellbeing

Our psychosocial interventions include psychoeducational workshops to prevent relapse and develop skills and strategies to deal with the addiction, and group and individual therapy sessions, in which each patient is allocated their own therapist to guide them through the programme and ensure that their therapeutic objectives are met. We can also provide couple, family or employer therapy sessions and interventions when required.

Meeting All Needs

Charterhouse Clinic’s Outpatient Programme also offers a bespoke behavioural health and wellbeing coaching service. This ‘throughcare’ intervention, which includes sober coaching and companionship, meets the individual wherever they are in their journey, supporting them to navigate the challenges they might face during and after the outpatient programme.

Treatment Packages

We are happy to accommodate your unique requirements and our packages aim to provide a framework of care that meets your needs in a simple, yet effective, way.

Our team are on hand to offer a full spectrum of services, including one-to-one psychological therapy and group or family therapy, plus a variety of body-oriented treatments to help bring a new sense of calm and connection between mind, body, emotions and the patient’s self.

All of our packages last four weeks.

Bronze Package

  • Medical and psychosocial assessment
  • A psychoeducational workshop
  • Two therapy sessions
  • A medication review
  • Two therapy groups

Silver Package

  • Medical and psychosocial assessment
  • Two psychoeducational workshops
  • Two therapy sessions
  • Two medication reviews
  • Two therapy groups
  • Two complementary therapies (yoga, massage or meditation)
  • Drug testing
  • Two couples/family sessions

Gold Package

  • Medical and psychosocial assessment
  • Psychoeducational workshops
  • Therapy sessions
  • Medication review
  • Four therapy groups
  • Complementary therapies
  • Drug testing
  • Couples/family sessions
  • Assignment package
  • One-to-one personal trainer
  • Psychiatric assessment

Our Team Are Ready to discuss your treatment options via phone or email.

We will happily guide you in finding the treatment plan that works best for you and works around your daily life.

Our Team

Peter Paul
Peter has over 13 years hands-on experience in the field of addiction as a consultant and overseeing the establishment of rehabilitation centres.
Peter has written, launched and facilitated numerous evidence-based, group work programmes for both rehabilitation centres and a variety of institutions across the UK.
Neil Philbin
Neil Philbin - BSc (Hons) PG Cert FDAP
Neil is a qualified Specialist Addiction Counsellor with vast experience working with substance misuse and behavioural addictions in many different settings. Having up to date knowledge of drug and alcohol treatment and evidence-based interventions, he holds a BSc Honors degree in Addiction Counselling from the University of Bath, a Post Graduate Certificate in Integrative Psychotherapy and is an accredited member of the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Practitioners (FDAP). Neil works hard to ensure Charterhouse Clinic delivers effective treatment and care to our clients, while managing and supporting our multi-disciplinary team.
Dr J S Grewal - MBBS DA DCH MRCPsych
Dr J S Grewal is a consultant Psychiatrist at Charterhouse Clinic. Dr Jas Grewal also works in a full time NHS post in Coventry as a Liaison Psychiatrist. Dr Grewal qualified as a doctor with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) degree in 1993 from The Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London. He worked for 9 years gaining a wide medical experience in various specialties including Anaesthetics, Paediatrics and A&E before specialising in Psychiatry.
Matthew Stainer
Matthew Stainer - (BSc Hons) FDAP
Matthew is a qualified specialist Addiction Counsellor, with a significant amount of experience working in a variety of roles within addiction treatment settings. Having completed his B.Sc. in Addictions Counselling at The University of Bath, he has current knowledge of addiction treatment counselling and strives to offer evidence based treatments to support clients in their recovery.

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