Amenities – Everything You Need To Get Yourself Back on Track

Our residential addiction clinic allows our patients to feel safe, secure and well looked after, with a full range of amenities and gorgeous rooms – all set in beautiful natural surroundings.

Our Rooms

At Charterhouse Clinic, we offer a range of different rooms for residential patients that all share a feeling of luxury and comfort. Tastefully decorated and within easy reach of all of our facilities and in house care team, we are sure to have a room that will suit all needs. Our expertise in both hospitality and healthcare has allowed us to provide private spaces that are as uniquely inviting as they are practical.

We currently offer:

  • Luxury bedrooms with en-suite facilities.
  • Standard bedrooms with access to shared bathroom facilities.

Feel free to call us now to discuss your needs and to address any questions you may have about our rooms and services.

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Food & Drink

We at Charterhouse Clinic take pride in providing our patients with some of the best food that can be found at any clinic in the world. We are, in fact, award winning for our food and endeavour to continue to surprise and delight our visitors with nutritious, healthy and appetising meal options.

We serve custom designed meal plans, tailored to the needs of each patient; created by agreement between our clinical team, our chefs and each patient themselves. We also provide snacks and drinks outside of mealtimes to be extra sure that energy levels are kept high as our patients meet the challenges of their stay with us.

Unique dietary requirements & preferences

We fully recognise that each individual has a right to spiritual or religious principles which influence the foods they eat. We happily accommodate dietary decisions made according to such belief systems, providing that physical health is not being restricted by them.

All allergies and food intolerances are taken very seriously by our team and our chefs will ensure that your meals do not include any ingredients that will cause problems for any particular patient.

Alternatives for the weekend

Our hard working chefs have time off at the weekend, so either other staff members will take the opportunity to cook or we will arrange for food from external sources.

You can be certain that you will eat well in our care, so well in fact that you might not want to leave!

All meals are inclusive

All meals at our fully residential clinic are inclusive within the price of your treatment (along with your accommodation and medication).

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The Grounds

Charterhouse Clinic is set in the idyllic countryside of Northamptonshire in the heart of England. We take great care in maintaining an attractive and natural environment in the grounds of our facilities that our patients and team greatly enjoy as they go about their daily activities.

On warmer days, patients can enjoy sitting in the sunshine near our pond, gardens and at our ornate, living, centerpiece seating area near to the main clinic buildings.

We know that healing is very much about returning to a state of natural harmony and balance – which we feel is greatly assisted by being able to connect with nature herself, directly.

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Our Gym

Our fully equipped fitness gym is available for the use of all of our residential patients and will greatly assist anyone wanting to improve their overall strength, stamina and health by getting their heart pumping through appropriate levels of exercise.

Anyone who is experienced with the types of exercise equipment found in gyms around the world will feel right at home here. We are sure that physical fitness is key in making a lasting recovery from addiction and many of our patients are pleasantly surprised by how quickly they can make physical gains after only a short stay with us.


The full fitness gym at Charterhouse Clinic, Flore, UK

Swimming Pool & Sauna

Swimming is without doubt one of the best possible, all around, forms of exercise for us all. The support that the water offers is as helpful for the body as it is for the mind and emotions too.

Our pool is the perfect size for patients to dive in and enjoy the warmth and comfort of the water in a private and relaxing way – so be sure to pack your swimming costume and any other extras such as goggles as we are sure you won’t want to miss out once you see it up close!

Our optional aqua aerobics classes are a great way to gently exercise the whole body in a comfortable way – which is particularly helpful for those who have not been exercising much before their stay with us.

We also offer an infra red sauna to help accelerate detoxification and to also help our patients relax as they proceed through the treatment programmes.


The peaceful pool at Charterhouse Clinic, Flore, UK