Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services

Alcoholism can be life-threatening and often requires full rehabilitation to rebalance the neural connections in the brain that can prevent an alcoholic from achieving recovery. Alcohol rehab and detoxification play a significant role in initiating successful recovery and minimising the risk of relapse in the future.

How Do I Know if I Need Help with Alcohol?

Every addiction is unique, however, it is likely that you need alcohol treatment if you suffer with any of the following:

  • A tendency to binge drink
  • Difficulty reducing or controlling the amount of alcohol consumed
  • Drinking more than the recommended safety guidelines for alcohol consumption
  • A dependence on alcohol and an increase in drinking
  • Problems with relationships, finances, health, or at work as a result of alcohol

Alcohol Addiction Treatment through Detoxification

If an addict reduces the amount of alcohol they consume and experiences withdrawal symptoms, this often means they are dependent on alcohol.

Where an alcohol dependency is present, a medically supervised detox is the safest way to withdraw. Our detoxification process uses prescribed medications that aid recovery and reduce the effects of withdrawal symptoms. Self-detoxification can put an addict at significant risk and, in some cases, can lead to critical, life-threatening symptoms. Our patients are monitored 24/7 throughout treatment to ensure complete safety and the most pleasant experience possible.

Alcohol detoxification can take between ten and fourteen days, depending on various factors, including the age and gender of the addict, the amount of alcohol they regularly consume, their level of health and any other occurring illnesses. Where the user is at high risk of suffering dangerous withdrawal symptoms, or the addict is in poor health, it is even more crucial that extreme caution is taken to ensure the individual can both mentally and physically cope with treatment.

Various medications can be used during an alcohol detox, but the specific types prescribed will depend on the needs of each individual. Detoxification is just the first stage of alcohol addiction treatment — our detoxes are immediately followed by a full alcohol rehabilitation programme.

Alcohol Treatment after Detoxification

Detoxification alone does not address the psychological, social and behavioural problems associated with alcohol addiction and, therefore, it needs to be followed up with rehabilitation treatment, such as therapy.

The process of therapy focuses on an addict’s inability to resist alcohol, and helps to increase their understanding of their cravings and address any underlying issues that act as a root cause of the compulsive behaviour. During therapy, patients will explore their actions, patterns of negative thinking and even their relationships with others, all of which may be a factor in the abuse of addictive substances.

A proven treatment for alcohol addiction is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). The aim of CBT is to give a person control over their addiction and help them cope with their alcohol cravings. CBT involves examining the thought processes of an addict, with the intention of challenging and transforming problematic thoughts or behaviours around alcohol. Other therapies may include 12-step programmes, family or group therapy, motivational interviewing and counselling.

Treatment programmes often take between one and three months, depending on the type of addiction, and the commitment and motivation of the patient.

Alongside treatment, we encourage our patients to improve their level of self-care and, therefore, their overall wellbeing. In order to achieve this, we offer a vast range of additional therapies, including mindfulness and meditation, yoga, and tai chi. We also provide use of a fitness studio, and prepare nutritious and healthy meals to increase a recovering addict’s overall health and body image, and ensure they have the fuel they need during their stay.

If you need help with an alcohol addiction, or you’re concerned about a loved one, get in touch with our expert, non-judgemental team and discover a life without alcohol dependency.