Gambling Addiction Treatment Services

Solving the financial difficulties that have come about as a result of gambling is not a cure for a gambling addiction. For a gambling addict to successfully recover, they must first realise that there is an issue. Gambling does not necessarily need to be engaged in every day for it to be an issue.

Gambling Addiction Treatment

Like any other addiction, a gambling addiction is a severe and destructive order that results in chemical changes in the brain. However, unlike alcohol or drug addiction treatment, it doesn’t require a detox programme before rehabilitation can begin. Instead, full recovery and a life without relapse can be achieved through a combination of different types of therapy and group support.

Just like other psychological illnesses, there are no set guidelines to determine when a user is declared fully recovered, and there is no medical or outright cure. A gambling addiction can make an addict feel as though they have lost control, so a key place to start is with psychological support and intervention. Although there is no medical treatment available that will cure a gambling disorder, medication can be used to ease the side effects, for example, the symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Getting Help for a Gambling Addiction

We combine a range of proven counselling therapies and psychotherapies that are designed to cure and rebuild the addict as a person, instead of just focusing on individual problems. Through counselling, we are able to provide short-term, immediate help and change. Through psychotherapy, we are able to elicit more in-depth, longer-term change, which is highly effective in producing stability to ensure a lasting recovery.

Gambling addiction counselling is aimed towards helping an addict recover by changing their thought processes and behaviours around the activity. We use several proven techniques, and sometimes even a combination of each, to meet the needs of the individual.

Our process of gambling addiction counselling works directly on the source of the problem within the brain. We work with patients to “reset” their brain, and achieve a balance where they can find happiness and pleasure without the use of the substance or activity they are addicted to.

The first step of gambling addiction treatment is to understand why the addiction developed and, therefore, what other stresses or situations in a gambler’s life may be acting as a trigger for them to gamble. This may be discovered through a combination of different types of therapies or counselling.

Talking therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) have proven effective methods of helping a gambling addict deal with their addiction. Family involvement can also help, as family support plays a vital role in recovery and it is important that they can understand the problems an addict is facing and how best they can help.

The completion of our gambling addiction treatment can take between one and three months, depending on the motivation and commitment of the patient. While the brain can be retrained and heal from any addiction, the entire recovery process may take several months after rehabilitation. In cases where behaviours are deeply ingrained and the damage has been severe, the process of fully healing the brain can take much longer.

A gambler may never be able to live a life without triggers or temptation, but, armed with the right tools and training, they can avoid relapse after rehabilitation. If your family is struggling because a loved one has a gambling addiction, or if you think it’s time you got help, contact us for advice or to book in and begin your journey to recovery.