Sex Addiction Treatment Services

Recognition of a sex addiction and acceptance of the issue is the first step towards recovery. Some people may use their addiction to self-medicate or avoid underlying conditions and problems, such as depression or family issues. Sex addiction therapy helps to identify these issues and treat them effectively. There is no universal cure for sex addiction, but a variety of therapies have proven successful at effectively treating sex addiction.

Sex Addiction Therapy

12-Step Programme

Identifying and treating the root causes of an addiction is critical to recovery. The 12-step programme works by setting milestones that a recovering addict can work towards, step by step. While the programme is based on abstaining from the addictive behaviour in order to break the addiction, it will also help a person to develop a healthy relationship with sex in the future. As sex is a normal part of a relationship for many, this is vital. The programme is generally carried out in small groups, encouraging addicts to talk about their experiences and help others.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT addresses the psychological processes that lead to a sex addiction and teaches the patient techniques they can use to identify negative thoughts. CBT works by altering the brain and thought processes to undo the addictive cycle. These coping strategies can be used whenever a recovering addict feels the temptation to relapse. CBT also looks at any patterns, rituals or negative experiences in an individual’s life that may have contributed to or triggered their addiction, allowing them to better understand the cause and, therefore, take steps to prevent it from being an ongoing issue.

Group Therapy

Group support can be incredible effective as it encourages addicts to speak openly about their issues. Members of the group will typically discuss their personal issues and experiences, and it can help a recovering addict to know that they aren’t alone. In group therapy, members will exchange their stories and coping strategies.

Individual Counselling

Counselling for a sex addiction directly targets the source of the problem in the brain. Sex addiction causes physical changes in the brain, creating an imbalance. We work with our patients to “reset” the brain, so that pleasure chemicals are produced at normal levels, but without the damaging behaviour. Together, patients and highly trained therapists will address methods of dealing with triggers in positive ways. Counselling will also work to rebuild any relationships that may have been affected by the addiction.

Family or Couples Counselling

Counselling with the family or partner of an addict is often a necessary step in rebuilding a healthy relationship and cultivating a nurturing and supportive environment. Lying and deceit are common issues inflicted on the friends and families of sex addicts, and this can often lead to a breakdown in trust and make it difficult for others to support them in their recovery.

While there is no medical cure for a sex addiction, treatment can be prescribed for mental health issues associated with an addiction, such as anxiety or depression.

Unlike a drug or gambling addiction, sex is, for most, a normal — and vital — part of a relationship. This means that complete abstinence is often not an option for recovery, making it important that a recovered addict is armed with the tools and strategies they need to cope with triggers and prevent a potential relapse in the future.

If you think you or your partner is suffering from an addiction and is in need of sex addiction therapy, get in touch with our non-judgemental team of experts to discuss your treatment options and begin your journey to recovery.